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October: Weekly Newsletter

October is shaping up to be an exciting month!  Our wonderful HSA, Staff, and Student Leaders are working hard to put on several events this month.  We hope you come out to support them!  

  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended in a red zone (drop off/pick up areas) for any reason. 
  • Reminder to fill out those lunch forms even if you do not think you will qualify.  As a reminder, we do not see any of the information you put in, we only see if you did not do it :)  We currently have 121 people who have not filled out the form this year.  We are currently at 33% qualifying for free or reduced lunch.  Once we hit 40% then we will start receiving extra funding (that is only 13 more kids).
  • Staff will start working with kids on safety drills and what to do.  I will notify you the night before and morning of any school wide drills so that you are aware. 
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Upcoming Events

Student Nutrition Banner


Student Nutrition

The USDA has extended the Universal FREE Meals for All program. All schools, every day! Breakfast and Lunch!!

Let us save you both time and money and do the cooking for you. All meals meet or exceed USDA Nutritional guidelines for both breakfast and lunch. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, and lean proteins. For those with dietary restrictions, please reach out to our contacts below. We look forward to serving your students!

Finally, the district still needs your help completing the Alternate Income Form. Completing this form helps our district receive the vital Local Control Funding Forumula (LCFF). You can find this simple form here. (Alternate Income Form).


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Group of Teenage Students

Where Are They Now?

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