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February 10, 2020


Dear Paradise Panther Families, 

Last week, our 3 - 5 grade teachers received a full day training with the Krause Center of Innovation -- on Makerspaces. This week our teachers will receive training for their grade levels.  The goal of this training is for our teachers to incorporate an understanding of how to create Engineering Design Challenges, how to work in a Makerspace, and how to plan curricula that involve Engineering Design. Engineering Design Challenges, in the Makerspace or in the classroom, encourage student collaboration and creativity. 

Can creativity be taught? I firmly believe so. Here is an interesting article about teaching creativity and the need for creativity in education: Edweek: A creativity Conundrum

Our Art Program, Meet the Masters, is going strong!! This program is entirely parent run -- THANK YOU!!! This month our students were introduced to the work of Pablo Picasso. They learned to identify Picasso's different styles, including Cubism. Using the Cubist style, the children drew and created a Cubist composition using and balancing all of the art elements. Our artists used right-brain drawing and chalk staining to finish their masterpieces.

Project Cornerstone: February Theme -- Determination. 

We start every day with announcements by the Student Council officers. We talk briefly about our Cornerstone theme, and give important reminders, and end with the Pledge of Allegiance and our PBIS school pledge. This month the theme is Determination. Our goal is to help students explore their ‘sparks’ -- their interests, dreams and passions -- and discuss ways to create short and long term goals. We need determination to make our goals a reality. 

Book of the month: “Long-Shot -- Never Too Small to Dream Big” which emphasizes perseverance and determination.:

Thank you for Safe and Smart Driving! Remember: 

·  School starts at 7:40. The first bell rings at 7:37. Supervision begins at 7:25, so try to come to school by 7:30 so your child is ready for the day. 

·  When you are dropping off/picking up -- please pull your car up all the way to the very end of the drop off area. Even if there are no cars immediately behind you, the queue area can fill up quickly - so please pull your car up all the way. This is very helpful for getting as many cars through as we can -- and more kids to their classroom.

Coming up:

Remember that next week is our February Break. There will be no school from 2/17 to 2/21. See you back at school on 2/24/2020. Enjoy your time!

Mark your calendars: Friday, March 20th - Dance with Dad! See the attached flier. 

Have a great week!!

Julie Page

Upcoming Events
(Dates subject to change)



2/24 - Vision/Dental Screening (Grades K, 2nd, 5th and SDC)

2/25- 2/27  4th & 5th MAP testing

2/26 - Hearing Screening (Grades K, 2nd, 5th and SDC)

2/26 - 5th Grade Panorama Photo

2/27 -  HSA Mtg./ 7:50 am

2/28 - After School Board Games/2:15 – 3:15pm


3/3 -  School Site Council Meeting/2:30 pm

3/5 -  Project Cornerstone/12:30 pm

3/11 - Principal Coffee/Chat/7:45 am 

3/19 - Panther Den


3/23-3/27  - Scholastic Book Fair (Before/After school)

3/23 to 3/27- ELPAC testing window 

3/26  -  Open House/6pm-7:30pm

3/26 -  HSA Mtg./7:50 am

3/27 - 4th gr. FIELD TRIP- Sacramento


4/2 -  Project Cornerstone/12:30 pm

4/6 - 4/10 - NO SCHOOL /Spring Break

4/17 - Bowling with Mom

4/21 - School Site Council Mtg./2:30 pm

4/23 - Panther Den

4/30 - HSA Mtg./ 7:50 am


5/7 - Project Cornerstone/12:30pm



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