Home & School Association  -   The Paradise Valley HSA's mission is to support the education of children at Paradise Valley Elementary School by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers.   Through our many fundraising efforts, Paradise Valley HSA is proud to be able to assist PVEA with purchasing additional classroom supplies, Art Cart supplies, library books, P.E. equipment and technology purchases.  HSA has also been able to coordinate exciting assemblies,  schedule school community events,  support Project Cornerstone and anti-bullying efforts.  If you would like to become part of this wonderful group, please follow our link!


Volunteering  - MHUSD welcomes any member of the student’s family, caring adults in the student’s life, as well as members of our local community to volunteer. All volunteers working on the school grounds on a regular, ongoing basis need to have their fingerprints and tuberculosis test results on file at the Morgan Hill Unified School District office.  Fingerprinting, tuberculosis test results and COVID vaccinations must be on file for  ALL volunteers prior to volunteering.


Donations -   Did you know that the IRS allows you to claim a deduction for the donations you make to qualified organizations? These organizations include more than just charities and will include any school district program that does not operate for profit and is solely supported by state and local governments.  Many companies have  Corporate Matching gift programs which are donations made by a company to a nonprofit that an employee, of said company, has already supported.  Donations do not always have to be monetary, they can come in various ways.  Items such as office supplies, P.E. equipment, file cabinets, art supplies, and new books have been donated to our school.